O.B. & Pinky Bird's FAQs
1. Why did you decide to write a children’s book?
We wanted to write a children's book for a while. However, we didn't have the inspiration or an idea until our daughter was born.

2. Why can’t we find your book in any store, or on Amazon?
One day you might, but for now we feel keeping things small is the best option for our family. However, if you are interested in purchasing books to sell in your store please feel free to contact US.

3. Can I get a free book?
Maybe? Check out our Blog Page to see if there is a kids contest on for a chance to win.

4. Is there an E-Book?
There is a PDF/DIY version of the book.  We also have a COLORING/PDF version.

5. Are you on social media?

6. How did the idea for the book come about?

Our daughter frequently had hiccups when she was a newborn. One day a comment was made about her hiccups and we replied, “Looks like she has the hiccimimups again” jokingly. Hiccimimups was born!

7. What is Baby Giraffey's First Hiccimimup about?
Baby Giraffey’s First Hiccimimup is about a family of giraffes who wait for the rains to come so they can prepare their garden. After some hard work, help from some friends, and a little patience the garden grows and that is when the fun begins.

8. Do you plan on making any more books?
We are thinking of another book or two in the future.

9. Will you sell me a book if I live outside the US?
We feel shipping costs are too high to serve the International market. We do have a PDF/DIY version of the book available for sale in Red Bird's Shop, but if you would like a quote please contact US.

10. So why the two versions?
We wanted an actual board book of our children's story. Plus we thought it would be nice if the whole family could get involved with a DIY project. Make your own paper book.

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