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Come follow the Giraffey Family as their newest addition gets her first hiccimimup.
Available in downloadable Digital DIY/COLORING or Board Book format.
- Color, Create, Read, Have Fun -

Whichever edition you choose,
this children's story will bring fun for the whole family.

Board Book Edition
ONLY ($8.99 + S&H)

What you get
Full color Board Book.
18 pages (incl. front/back cover).
Size: ~5.625"h x 7.5"w.
Perfect for ages 0 to 6 yrs

Buy Baby Giraffey's First Hiccimimup in Digital COLORING/PDF Format

Digital Download
ONLY ($1.99)

What is included
A digital file that has
Full color 8.5"x11" for Digital viewing.
*18* 8.5"x11" pages for DIY Paper Coloring Book fun.
You can reprint these coloring book pages for unlimited DIY/COLORING fun.
Also available at

This book invites you to stargaze immediately using your binoculars.  It features a lot of illustrations
and sky charts and just enough text to guide you through the night sky and to introduce you the joys
of observational astronomy. This book is available in e-book and in printed paperback versions.

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